The Conundrum
The Blade

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Sara Pezzini, a homicide detective, finds a weapon of ancient power. This is a talisman of myth and lore. Supposedly belonging to many of the goddesses and some of the women saints of the past. Sara must learn how to use this gauntlet called the witchblade or it will use her. Now she has many more friends and many more enemies than ever imagined.



The origins of the Witchblade are shrouded in myth and speculation, obscured further by the veil of prehistory. Where did the Blade come from? No one has examined the Witchblade in its extended, deadly form and lived to tell about it, but those who have had the opportunity to examine the bracelet, say that it is made of a synthesized metal, some elements of which are unidentifiable as Earthly materials. Others say that the Blade was undoubtedly hammered from a type of iron found in the weapons of ancient Iran. In Avesta, the prayer book of the ancient Persian Zorastrians, a kind of iron-alloy, similar to that of the Blade, is mentioned.

     "Blend iron's edge with the sun of gold.
     Could gold alloyed or admixt be...
     Fired-white and chilled in wine-dark blood,
     Thus is born the thirsty Blade, never dulled."

But this theory was questioned by Vatican scholars in the 30s, who found that design work on the bracelet predated the use of iron in the Persian region by nearly 1000 years.

Tales of weaponry endowed with supernatural powers have cropped up throughout history. Some of the oldest known Celtic writings tell of an army of Witchblade Wielders, men and women, chosen in ancient times while in their mother's womb for their warrior destiny. The legend goes on to say that a Wielder Banrighinn, known only as Mistress of the Blade, who taught the ancient ways of battle to this chosen army, grew angry with her lover, one of the Wielder Knights, and henceforth, men were prohibited from handling the Blade. According to this ancient tale, from which sections are missing, a great darkness visited the Earth, from which the Wielders disappeared, and their line was seen no more.

A similar legend appeared in the ruins of Troy, where Queen Myrene, the first known Wielder was buried. In it, this same army of warriors is said to have been from the city of Atlantis, and that they disappeared at the time that fabled city met its uncertain end.

The Bladeweilders of the past
500 B.C... Myrene-Amazon Queen

480 B.C... Artemisia-A female advisor of Xerxes, ruler of the persian empire

45 B.C... Cleopatra-Egyptian Queen

61 A.D... Boudicca-Celtic Warrior Queen

70 A.D... Cathian-Celtic Maid

250 A.D... Septima Zenobia-governed Syria from 250 to
275 A.D

1199 A.D... Itagaki-A japanese woman of the samurai

1428 A.D... Joan of Arc-french peasent Girl

1481 A.D... The Spanish inquisition-Used to further the cause of the inquisitors

1519 A.D... New World Exploration-Given to Hernado Cortes to help surrpress the local population during his explorations

1690 A.D... The Salem Witch Trials-believed to have caused Elizabeth Parris's and Abigail Williams witch like visions and paranoia because of there supossed contact with the blade

1854 A.D... Florence Nightingale-A nurse

1900 A.D... Marie Curie-scientist from poland

1936 A.D... The Brink of War-Hitler an avid collector of objects of power mysteriously now owns the Digitabulum Magi.(Witchblade)

1940 A.D... Elizabeth Bronte-A linguist working as a spy during world war two

1950 A.D... Kenneth Irons- A very sucessful business man

1959 A.D... Dominque Boucher-former model

2000 A.D... Sara Pezzini-A New York City Detictive